YA Lit Alert!

Hey guys!  Victoria Schwab, my friend from high school, is a soon-to-be published author of The Near Witch through Hyperion (I haven’t read it but I’ve read about it and I suggest you go ahead and make room on your YA bookshelves!!) and she is having a contest.  As part of this contest, I am posting her YA Rebels vlog for this week here on my blog.  Please watch it, visit the YA Rebels link on my page and go to YouTube and search for YA Rebels and watch vlogs from the other awesome authors!  Also, her blog is here: http://veschwab.livejournal.com/


One thing that really stuck with me from Melanie’s writing methods class in fall 2008 was the hypertext piece that we wrote. We started by writing about an event from our lives and then we broke it down into smaller and smaller story chunks and then made it a hypertext using powerpoint. This website, while not pretty in the slightest, provides links with the history of hypertext, the theory of hypertext (I just discovered that there was one!), educational applications, and links to other sites ranging from more discussions about hypertext literacy to examples of actual hypertexts themselves. Enjoy!


Birth Story

In the last nine minutes of my 23rd birthday, I feel it is fitting to share my birth story, especially as I embark on birthing this blog.  My mother went into labor early in the morning when she got up to take my eldest brother, Geoff to school.  My father had already boarded a plane to Texas for a business trip.  After dropping Geoff off at school, my mother went to the hospital and called Southwest Airlines to ask them to get my father off the plane.  I was, after all, their first child together and their first girl.  Southwest informed her that the plane had pulled away from the gate but had not taxied out to the runway yet, but they would not bring the plane back to the gate to get him off.  Instead they assured her that they would fly him back to Nashville for free on the same plane after it had landed in Texas.  My mother worried that my dad wouldn’t make it back in time since her first child had come in a mere 2 and a half hours.  Well, lucky for her, I was quite indecisive.  I did not actually make my entrance to the air-breathing world for another 15 and a half hours at 10:39pm on February 12, 1987 at West Side Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.  By that time, my father was back and my mother had nearly strangled a nurse who had refused to give her an epidural 11 or so hours in.  I weighed 6lbs 6oz and had a head full of blonde hair.  That’s right.  Technically I was born blonde.  When I was about 6 months old, my mother lifted me out of the crib in the morning only to have my lovely head of blonde hair remain in the crib.  Inexplicably, I remained bald for the next 18 months only to have my hair grow back 100% copper red.

And there you have it.